With QuoteStocker you download thousands of quotes

Do you buy and sell stocks? Technical analysis software can help you analyze stocks before you make a decision. But then you have to update the quotes regularly. Why pay for an expensive email or download subscription? With QuoteStocker you can download stock quotes for free. Try or order QuoteStocker now.

Indices From Dow Jones to Bovespa

With QuoteStocker you can download stock quotes from almost every stock exchange in the world. From the Dow Jones quotes to the Brazilian Stock Exchange quotes. With just a few clicks you make your choice and start downloading (historical) quotes for a stock, mutual fund, index, currency or future. Once you have downloaded your quotes, they will be saved in the (ASCII) format of your technical analysis software..

Flexible Conversion to Any Format

QuoteStocker supports all technical analysis software formats (ASCII). The program now offers thirteen preset shortcuts for technical analysis software. In addition, you can set any format you like. Despite the many possibilities, QuoteStocker is easy to use. Start the program and with one click you can download the stock quotes you want. You can then load them directly into your technical analysis software.

Over 45 download lists

QuoteStocker comes with a large number of codes for downloading stock quotes. Clearly divided into separate download lists per stock and per index. You can quickly select the stock or index you want to download. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the IBEX-35, the AEX or the BEL 20. There are now 30 separate download lists included. You can add an unlimited number of download lists, start new lists or combine existing lists.

Insight in Stock Price Development

Want to read interesting news about a fund or company that you have not been following with your technical analysis software? Start QuoteStocker, select the fund from the download list (or add it to the list) and download the historical quotes for several years. After loading the file into your technical analysis software, you can immediately draw support and resistance lines, analyze indicators and create a new investment plan. In this way, QuoteStocker helps you increase your insight into your investment options.

Interested in QuoteStocker? You can order the software right now. Or download the free trial version first.