Main window

Using QuoteStocker is easy. The main window is divided into two parts. In the upper part you can choose what you want to download:

  • Latest quotes. These are the prices of the last reported trade. If the market is still open, these are intraday quotes;
  • Historical quotes. Download stock quotes for one or more days, months or years;
  • Stock exchange list. All funds in this list will be downloaded;
  • One fund. This option allows you to select a single fund to download. Most of the time you use this option when you want to download the historical quotes of a single fund;
  • Download source. As of release 3.7 there are two download sources, Yahoo! and Alpha Vantage.

To start the download, click on the green button with the white arrow.


Latest or Historical Quotes

If you want to download end-of-day quotes, downloading historical quotes is the best option. You can also use the ‘latest quotes’ option, but you will have to wait until the market closes. It is best to wait about two hours after the close of the market before using ‘Latest quotes’ to download end-of-day quotes. If you are downloading quotes from different exchanges, you will need to take into account the different opening hours. This is not necessary when downloading via ‘historical quotes’.


At the bottom of the window you will see a chain link and five buttons. These have the following meanings:

The chain link indicates whether or not there is a connection to the Internet. If there is no connection, a broken link is displayed.


This button opens a window where you can edit the general settings of QuoteStocker. For example: the folder where you want to save the downloaded files, the format of your technical analysis software, the language selection and more. See ‘Settings‘.


This button opens a window where you can edit the download lists. You can add, modify, and delete funds, stocks, indexes, and futures. See ‘Edit Download List‘.


Start downloading quotes by clicking this button!


Start the help function.


Exit the program.


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