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QuoteStocker is the latest, easy-to-use software for downloading free stock quotes.

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Expand your technical analysis capabilities with QuoteStocker. QuoteStocker is the latest, easy-to-use software for downloading free stock quotes. You can download stock quotes from Yahoo! and Alpha Vantage.

Downloading stock quotes is done using lists. After installation you’ll have over 65 different download lists covering all the major exchanges. You can start downloading immediately. Of course you can also create your own custom download lists.

A lifetime license is only € 29.50 (or the equivalent amount in e.g. US$). There are no other costs. And all program updates are free. The current release is 3.8.0 (April 2023). After payment you will receive an email with a download link. Download the software and start downloading quotes for free.

You can try QuoteStocker for free. QuoteStocker also runs on a Mac via CrossOver (up to release 17.5.1).
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The most important features of QuoteStocker are:

  • Download all stocks in the Yahoo!-database and Alpha Vantage-database;
  • Free download of historical quotes and today’s latest quotes;
  • Download all stocks from one download list at once;
  • Over 65 default download lists with all the important stocks from the major exchanges;
  • Download quotes from just one stock;
  • Unlimited number of user-defined download lists;;
  • 13 presets for TA software;
  • Flexible and easy to use;
  • Download in ASCII format (text);
  • Software updates are always free;
  • Extensive help function;
  • Windows XP t/m Windows 11;
  • Command line option for fast downloading of multiple lists;
  • Free trial.

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Mac, Windows XP .. 11